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"I've used other services in the past, some of the fee's were just crazy! Either they wanted 20 or 30 percent of my earnings for the job they provided, or they wanted 30 to 50 dollars a lead with no guarantee that I would even get the job. What I like about Construction Pipeline is that I can bid on as many projects as I want too, and it's the same price. My first job paid for 2 years of service. The rest is just profit."

Construction Pipeline Launches Per Lead Program In Arizona

Posted August 19, 2011

After a very successful year of launching our Per Lead program in Southern California, learning by trial and error as we built an awesome project management system, Construction Pipeline is proud to announce the expansion of our Per Lead Program into the Arizona market. We are confident that our success in California will be mirrored in this new market that has been well established for the past 20 years with the bid list that we have provided to sub contractors there.

In the first two weeks of opening the market for our new program to Arizona there has been a great welcoming of subs to a lead system that is completely geared to their specific company criteria. As long as the stats from our experience in California are matched in Arizona with sub retention rates, we have further plans to expand this particular program in other markets as well.


Construction Pipeline designs new website

Posted July 1, 2011

With our commitment to finding the most viable bidding opportunities for our customers, we decided to create an interactive website to better serve both general and sub contractors. The new design allows for easier navigation, provides enhanced functionality, and encourages customers to manage and customize their own accounts. Our website redesign includes a new look and additional features designed to improve usability. Intuitive navigational tools, new fonts, and updated graphics and layouts will help users access information more quickly and easily. The color scheme for the website ( has been enhanced and more graphics have been added. A new layout makes the site's content simpler to find and easier to navigate.


Construction Pipeline launches new Per Lead Program

Posted November 1, 2010

Construction Pipeline launched it's per lead program in August of 2010. At first glance, it is a resounding success. Construction Pipeline leads have traditionally been placed in a report that is issued to sub contractors on the 1st and 15th of each month. Each report usually containing upwards of 100+ projects in each coverage area. After Construction Pipeline's upper management reviewed lead acquisition and quality, they found some actually startling facts. Contrary to critics, bad lead ratio was only 6%. What was most exciting about the review of the per lead program was that 78% of the leads would better serve the general and sub contractors by immediately being sent, instead of waiting on two publishing dates each month. Upon launching this new program in August of 2010, management is very confident with the results. So far out of the initial 130 subs that signed up, only 10 have canceled their membership in the program. Cancellation reasons varied as well. Two, were general contractors that were trying to see if they could work as subs with our leads; one sub was moving to a different state that isn't covered. The remaining seven were unsatisfied with the program and canceled. This is only a 5% cancelation ratio, which is very promising for the overall program.