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"I love the pipeline! The generals I call are nice and ar willing to talk shop with me. I've gotten so much work through them."

About Construction Pipeline

Construction Pipeline is a leading provider of construction leads with complete customizable lead criteria. Individuals and companies of all sizes have come to depend on our simple, affordable, and reliable lead service. Customers enjoy no contracts, no gotcha service and generous monthly allotments of discounted lead packages. Construction Pipeline offers a variety of bidding opportunities in thousands of cities across the U.S.


Based in the Pacific Northwest, Construction Pipeline was founded in 1992 on the belief that companies needed reliable, 100% private sector lead service to meet their ever-expanding business needs. The Vancouver, Washington-based company began by providing leads specifically in the Northwest. We quickly became known for our reliable service, which was backed by a knowledgeable and responsive U.S.-based customer support team, and moved into markets spanning across the continental United States When customers indicated they were struggling to find a solution for developing high quality contacts in the construction industry, our company set out to deliver a unique service that is tailored for each customer. Our company capitalized on its experience delivering the most viable bidding opportunities in construction. With continual enhancements to our service, Construction Pipeline became an indispensable tool for contractors in almost every construction trade. In order to better serve our growing number of customers and build long-standing relationships, our company decided to concentrate solely on a customizable program with every lead backed by the Pipeline Guarantee


Construction Pipeline is used by thousands of companies across the U.S. Our customers come for the value of the best leads around and they stay for the unmatched service. Construction Pipeline remains committed to expanding and building, not only long-term customer relationships, but solid relationships between our general and sub contractors as well.