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"I have had so many companies sell me leads that just didn't go any where. It was so frustrating because I thought these companies were just a scam; however, once I started receiving leads from Construction Pipeline and called my first general, I know this service was for real. I have made very valuable contacts that have helped me build good relationships with my customers. Simply the best lead service ever!"

General Contractor FAQ's

Most Common FAQ's

Most frequently asked questions about Construction Pipeline. If you can't find the answer to your question, contact us here.

Q: Does this service cost me anything?

A: We offer the first month of leads at no cost, and each additional month is only $200.00  

Q: How many Sub Contractors will go after each job listed by a General?

A: We only send each lead to three subs in each trade requested.  

Q: Do you work with Home Owners?

A: No. We only work with general contractors on privately funded commercial and residential projects.  

Q: How does the service work?

A: We speak directly to the general contractors and we seek to identify three things: a) a general that has an upcoming project; b) a general that has a need for a specific sub-trade; and c) a general that is willing to speak with the sub contractors that we send to him. Once we acquire the information from the general then we send it to you via email.

Q: Is there any long term Commitments?

A: No, but we won’t mind if you want to stay. There are no cancellation or termination fees.

Q: What if I receive a bad lead?

A: Just call the customer service department at (800)596-7423 and explain the issue with the lead.

Q: How do I get my leads?

A: Each lead is sent directly to your email. You can also access your online account and view all of the leads that you have received.

Q: How is my lead criteria determined?

A: You determine your own criteria for the type of leads that we send. You customize your leads based on trade, county and scope of work (residential, commercial or both). For example, if you select to receive plumbing leads in Orange County for residential projects then we will send you only these types of projects that match these criteria.