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"I've used other services in the past, some of the fee's were just crazy! Either they wanted 20 or 30 percent of my earnings for the job they provided, or they wanted 30 to 50 dollars a lead with no guarantee that I would even get the job. What I like about Construction Pipeline is that I can bid on as many projects as I want too, and it's the same price. My first job paid for 2 years of service. The rest is just profit."

The program that you have signed up for is our month to month service. Each month costs $200.00. However, we will provide your first month at no cost. Automatic billing will begin on the second month same calendar day you signed up and will continue unless you call to cancel

Terms and Conditions

1.Your first month will be at no cost, the second month and each month after will be a charge of $200 dollars to the payment method on file.

2.Confidentiality:  Information provided to you by Construction Pipeline is intended solely for the company entitled above and is not to be conveyed without written consent.

3.Limitation of liability:  Construction Pipeline prepares its leads based on information believed to be reliable and factual, and warrants no responsibility or liability for any alleged damages arising out of reliance on said information.

4.You authorize Construction Pipeline to automatically charge your credit card for the above agreed upon amount, each month service is delivered to the email address that you provided upon setting up your account. Your first month is at no cost. Automatic billing will begin on the date printed on your receipt.

5.You may opt out of this contract by calling the customer service number at (800)596-7423  to cancel your account with Construction Pipeline. At which time you will receive a cancellation code for your records.

For any and all customer service issues you may contact us at (800) 596-7423. We are open Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00pm PST.

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