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"I have read a lot of reviews on leads services and Construction Pipeline just can't be beat when it comes to providing the best bidding opportunities for subs like myself."

The program that you have signed up for is our Per Lead Program. Each lead costs $40.00. However, we will provide your first 3 leads at no cost. Automatic billing will begin for each lead as it is sent via email, upon delivery of your fourth lead. Also, as mentioned below, each lead is backed 100%!

Terms and Conditions

1.Your first three (3) leads will be at no cost, the fourth and each lead after will be a charge of $40 dollars each to the payment method on file. You will never receive more than three (3) leads in a Monday through Friday period, unless requested by you. 

2.Confidentiality:  Information provided to you by Construction Pipeline is intended solely for the company entitled above and is not to be conveyed without written consent.

3.Limitation of liability:  Construction Pipeline prepares its leads based on information believed to be reliable and factual, and warrants no responsibility or liability for any alleged damages arising out of reliance on said information.

4.Liberal lead replacement: if you believe a lead to be of poor quality you may request a lead credit within thirty (30) days of receiving the lead. WE BACK EACH LEAD 100%!

5.You authorize Construction Pipeline to automatically charge your credit card for the above agreed upon amount, each time that a lead is delivered to the email address that you provided upon setting up your account. Your first three leads are at no cost. Automatic billing will begin upon the forth lead being sent to your email address above on the card you submit to us for billing purposes. Billing will be the following Monday after receiving leads the prior week.

6.You may opt out of this contract by calling the customer service number at (800)596-7423  to cancel your account with Construction Pipeline. At which time you will receive a cancellation code for your records.

7.We strive for the highest quality of service, however if unhappy with the service provided we offer a 30 day refund or instore credit for any leads purchased with in the time frame of the refund or lead credit request.

For any and all customer service issues you may contact us at (800) 596-7423. We are open Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00pm PST.

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